8 Awesome Teen Bedroom Ideas

8 Awesome Teen Bedroom Ideas

As your kids transition from childhood to adulthood, they suddenly have opinions. So. Many. Opinions. And it’s likely that one area over which they want to have some control is their bedroom. Gone are the days where you can plan and pull together the “perfect” room for your child all on your own. Teens want a say in how their bedrooms look and feel.

So how do you create a space for your teenager that is welcoming, comfortable, functional, and orderly? And how do you make sure it will suit them for a while? Although redecorating a bedroom is one of the lower-cost home improvement projects, it still requires an investment of time and money, and you don’t want it to be short-lived.

Teen bedrooms need to serve in several roles:

  • A place to sleep

  • A place to do homework

  • A place to relax

  • A place to hang out with friends


It can be tricky to coordinate a room that meets all of those needs and still suits your child’s style and personality. It’s difficult even to know where to start. With that in mind, here are eight awesome teen bedroom ideas for you to consider. You’re sure to find some tips that will work as a starting point for your young adult’s updated space.

8 Teen Bedroom Ideas

Help Determine Their Style

Help your teen determine their style. Ask your child to look through magazines for pictures of rooms they like. Or have them create a Pinterest board with looks and styles that speak to them. Are they drawn to bold colors? Frilly fabrics? Do they like contemporary styles, or more traditional?

Does your child prefer light and bright spaces, or dark and brooding ones? Having your teen curate photos of their dream room will help guide you as you choose paint colors, bedding, and furniture.


Sports or Activities?

If your child is passionate about a particular sport or activity, use that as a subtle theme throughout the room. Is your daughter an avid skier? Try hanging an antique pair of skis on the wall as a focal point and working with a mountain color scheme.

Is your son an accomplished artist? Use his artwork to set the tone and feel of his room. Does your child love graphic novels? Consider a robust mural on one wall and then choose neutral colors to complement it.

Big and Bold

Research shows that most teens want their rooms to feel modern and fun rather than calm and peaceful. Consider making one wall a focal point with a bright, bold color that your child loves. Or help your child choose a big piece of artwork to anchor the look and set the tone for the room.

Remember, this isn’t your space. You may want a spa-like feel, but your teen might crave a vibrant, eclectic tone. Allowing the room to reflect your child accurately is the best way to be sure they will feel comfortable in their new room so that you don’t find yourself redoing it in a year.

Storage is Key


As you plan furniture for your child’s new room design, pay attention to storage options. Teens have a lot of stuff. So much stuff. And they are in that in-between time where they want to keep their kid things and still have all their young adult things too.

Think baskets of stuffed animals and bins of makeup. Or boxes of Hot Wheels cars plus loads of video games. Consider a bed that has storage underneath. If your child will have a desk, choose one with plenty of drawers. Look for large sturdy baskets that can serve as catch-alls so that your child’s floor doesn’t become a dumping ground. (Parents can dream, right?)

How About a Loft?

Take your storage options up a notch. Literally. Make use of the vertical space in your teen’s room by installing floating shelves or wall hooks. Use tall, thin storage units or tiered side tables. Consider going with a loft option for your teen’s bed to free up space for them to lounge or do homework.


Reconsider the Desk

Think carefully about where your child usually does homework. It’s probable that your teen likes to work on the floor, couch, or bed. Most teenagers choose to forgo the desk altogether since it feels too much like school. They prefer sprawling somewhere else to work.

With more and more schools offering tablets and notebooks to students, teens have the mobility to sprawl at will and still get their homework done. Putting a desk in your teen’s room may not be necessary. It may just turn into a place where they dump their clutter. Not the look you’re going for, most likely.

Have Fun With Lighting

Lamps and lighting fixtures are relatively easy to swap out as your child gets older and their room changes. There are loads of fun and quirky lighting options on the market, and teens will enjoy choosing something that lets their personality shine. (Pun fully intended.)

In addition to a main overhead light fixture, choose table and floor lamps that can provide calmer, more subtle lighting for relaxing and hanging out.


Think Cozy

The teenage years are tumultuous. Very few adults would want to go back and relive that era of their lives. Help your teen create a cozy, comfortable, safe space where they can decompress and feel secure.

Consider a hanging chair or a small hammock for your teen to curl up in. Look for soft, comfortable fabrics and textures. These choices can go a long way to helping your teen feel safe and loved. Even if they’ve just stomped away and slammed the door, they still need to feel safe.

Omorfia Can Help

The friendly experts at Omorfia are here to help you navigate the transition from little kid room to almost-grown-up teen room. We have endless teen bedroom ideas at our disposal, and we can’t wait to help you and your teenager design just the right space.

From color choices to room layouts, we have the experience and passion for creating the perfect spot for your teen. We look forward to hearing from you, so reach out today to get started on your project right away.

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