Quick and Easy Decorating Tips for Thanksgiving

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! If you’re hosting an event, you might be trying to figure out how to make your house look the part. Maybe you’re not hosting, but want to feel the fall spirit every time you walk in the door.

How do you decorate for fall and Thanksgiving without spending a lot of time and money? If you are looking for professional help or decorating tips, Ashley and her team at Omorfia are here to help.

With over seven years of experience, Ashley is the one to go to for advice and tips on making your house warm, welcoming, and appealing for your family and all who visit.

But, if you are chomping at the bit and ready to decorate now, here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Fall Bouquet

Fall Fireplace Mantle.jpeg

The quickest and easiest way to get ready for Thanksgiving and the fall season is a flower or plant bouquet filled with autumn colors. Look for things that scream fall: sunflowers, asters, mums, goldenrod, balloon flowers, and then throw in some herbs like sage or lavender.

There are so many varieties of fall blooming flowers in vibrant orange, yellow, and red shades that will instantly enhance your house. A fun twist on your floral arrangement would be tossing the vase and using a decorative pumpkin for the base!

Fall Wreath


Try your hand at making a DIY fall wreath. The possibilities are endless in theme and style. Stick with fall florals, or try out some small gourds, or choose several colors of burlap to weave and fold together for a fun wreath. Change it up by using a flat basket for the base of the wreath!

Door Decor


If you are not into hanging a wreath, how about a fun alternative? Check out a second-hand store for an old metal serving tray (better yet, if you have one laying around the house!) Buy some chalkboard paint, paint the middle of the plate with the chalk paint, and write a fun and welcoming phrase in the middle!

Decorate the outside of the tray with small gourds or a floral or vine arrangement of your choice. You can hang this fun sign on your front door, or display it inside your house near the front where new quests will see it.

Rustic Frame


A quick trip to the craft store or discount store will give you a wooden, rustic frame that you can use as the base to a fall-themed sign. Googling, “fall printable decorative signs” will give you a multitude of signs to print and frame, think “Give Thanks” or “Fall into Family” here and you’ll have a fun fall sign to decorate any room in the house.

Decorative Centerpiece


Check out your local dollar store to find fake fruit, gold paint, and a serving platter. Paint the fruit in gold paint (or any color you like) and display in the platter; what a fun and unique centerpiece.

To take this up a notch, purchase some adhesive spray and copper leaf sheets from online or a craft store. Using a stick in each piece of fruit, so you do not have to hold the pieces, spray with the spray and let rest a few minutes until tacky, then cover fruit with copper leaf sheets. Though a little more time consuming, the results will speak for themselves. Visitors to your house will assume you purchased this centerpiece at a high-end decorative store.

Decorate with Wheat


There are a plethora of ideas you can do with wheat. If you find a good deal on wheat at a local craft store, buy it all! You can use it to decorate chairs, vases, mantels, wreaths, or just about anything.

One unique idea would be to make decorations for your chairs around your table. Buy thick, shapeable wire and cut similar size and shape out of the wiring for the number of chairs you have. You could choose horseshoe, circle, arch, or whatever shape you want to fit your chair. Bundle several bunches of wheat with floral wire and attach to the form with floral wire and decorate with ribbon or burlap of your choice; then attach to backs of chairs.

Another unique idea with wheat is using a cloche display upside down with wheat tied with twine or ribbon inside; this is a great centerpiece.

Table Runner


Create your table runner with large leaves cut from felt. You can easily find a template online, or you can freehand the outline yourself. Go for traditional fall colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow. Or, you can change it up and match the theme of your house with colors like blue or green or gold. The possibilities are endless.

After you have cut several leaves (enough to overlap throughout the middle of your table) lay them out in a messy line before you set your table for a fun dinner with friends or family. Add another layer to your table by using a roll of kraft paper for the tablecloth. Attendees can write or color what they are thankful for during dinner. Coloring isn’t just for kids!

Thankful Tree


Finally, a thankful tree is a great way to remember all you’re grateful for this season. Grab a branch from your yard, a vase, some paper, and ribbon, paper clips, or mini clothespins, and you’re good to go. Leave the paper by the vase with a pen and let guests write what they’re thankful for and attach to a branch.

You are off to a great start to get your home ready for Thanksgiving. If you want your house to make a statement that it’s ready for guests this season, give the friendly staff at Omorfia a call. They will listen to your ideas and bring them to life. They want your home to be an extension of your style, and they are ready to meet with you and make a plan. They want you to see beauty in your everyday life.


Plus, if you call now, you can get a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. Even better, you can get a NINETY-minute consultation and advice session for $99.00. Don't wait to call! Your best home is waiting!

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