Royal Wedding Colors and U.S. Interior Design Trends Collide

Royal Wedding Colors and U.S. Interior Design Trends Collide

Have you caught yourself watching any of the recent royal weddings? It is hard not to be at least a little bit fascinated by the lavish affairs that are generally broadcast even on our side of the pond. Between the elegant dresses, the incredible floral arrangements, the food, and of course the hats and fascinators, our screens are filled with an array of colors.

Is our country influenced by these color choices? How did Kate Middleton’s choices of colors for her wedding affect Americans? Or how about Meghan Markle’s light green arrangements? Or even Princess Beatrice and Eugenie with Eugenie’s recent marriage.

Americans are enamored with the royal lifestyle, so it makes sense that their choices will influence us. Time and again, we have seen colors from a royal affair creep into our fashion and design world. Whatever colors are chosen to adorn the dresses and flowers at royal weddings inevitably invade our walls and wardrobes, too. The experts at Omorfia follow these trends and will help bring these colors into your home.

Mint Green Galore


For the 29 million Americans and 53 million people worldwide who tuned in to watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot, the evidence of Meghan’s favorite color was everywhere.

It is no secret Meghan Markle prefers shades of light green, in particular, mint green. It is noticeable in her clothing choices, and the incredibly popular lifestyle blog she used to run is full of her preferences for this soft color.

Pictures from the royal wedding in May showcase all shades of green. Meghan’s mother wore an incredible mint green dress with a matching hat and coat. The Queen herself, who is known for her love of bright colors, even wore a green jacket over her floral dress. Many of the guests were in similar shades of green. Everyone looked fabulous in this calming yet flattering color.

Since the wedding, Americans have seen a drastic rise in the color green across the board. Interior decorators are filling homes and walls with beautiful shades of green. One of the hottest colors of 2018 is light green. This color is an excellent choice because it comes in so many beautiful shades from mint to chartreuse to sage and citron.


It will not be hard to find a way to incorporate light green as there is a shade for everyone. If you are looking for ways to try out light green without painting a wall or buying a new couch, try throw pillows, curtains, vases, artwork, or throw blankets on your couch. Or simply bring in a bouquet filled with soft green or even a live plant.

If you are sold on this appealing color, there are numerous shades of paints from every distributor that will fit the bill. One particular color that will be easy to find is Pearl Gray from Sherwin-Williams. Painting any area of your home, or even painting one wall as an accent, will create a warm and soft feel. Light green is known to be a calming color.


Will Jewel Tones Be Next?

Though not as heavily publicized or followed, Princess Eugenie is another royal who also had a royal wedding this year. Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew, the third child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Edward, and Sarah, Duchess of York, though the world knows her as Fergie.

Princess Eugenie is not a “working royal,” meaning she does not perform daily duties for the queen. She is not close in line for the throne; she is ninth in line, so she has fewer responsibilities. That doesn’t stop people all over the world from being fascinated with her and her wedding.

The princess married Jack Brooksbank in October. Jack is a small celebrity himself since he works for the alcohol brand started by George Clooney and Rande Gerber. Many well-known celebrities attended their wedding, including George and Amal Clooney, David and Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss; Andrea Bocelli even performed!


Even amidst all these celebrities, it was hard to miss the prevalence of jewel tones everywhere. Across the board deep blues, vibrant greens, and beautiful reds adorned dresses, flowers, and decoration. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires were called to mind as we watched guest after guest come and go from this lavish affair. Princess Eugenie even borrowed a tiara for her special day filled with incredible emeralds from The Queen.


Will we start seeing rich jewel tones in paint colors coming out in the next year? When we go shopping for a cocktail dress to a holiday party will we see lots of deep reds, blues, and greens? Jewel tones are incredibly beautiful and bold. Most people wouldn’t mind picking from these beautiful hues.

Princess Beatrice is the older sister of Princess Eugenie. Though not currently dating anyone, it is fun to surmise what another royal wedding might bring. What colors will she choose? What will the guests wear? Will we see these colors creeping across the pond and into our homes the following few months?

We can only assume that it will be a lavish affair that people all over the world will be interested in and take time out of their schedules to watch. Royal weddings, though not a regular occurrence, have quite the effect on the world around them.

In Conclusion

If you have been inspired by either of the recent royal weddings and want to incorporate those colors into your home, call the experts at Omorfia. They will meet with you and together make a plan on how to bring the beauty of the royal weddings into your everyday life.

Omorfia is the word for beauty in the Greek language. Let them help you. If you call them now, you can schedule a 90-minute consultation for $99.00. Or, if you are on the fence, they will speak with you for 30 minutes on the phone for free. After hearing their ideas and how they can incorporate these beautiful colors into your home, you will want to hear more! Check them out today.

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