Great Ways to Decorate for a New Year's Party

Great Ways to Decorate for a New Year's Party

Are you planning a party for the New Year? If you are getting ready to spend New Year’s Eve with your friends and loved ones with a classy and memorable New Year’s party, you may be wondering what the best way to decorate for the occasion is.

Everything shiny and sparkling; golds, silvers, black and ivory; elegance and class, are all necessary themes for decor for your New Year’s party. You’ll want to ring in the New Year with sophisticated and beautiful decorations that are trendy and in style. You’ll make a lasting impression on your guests with these elements.

Decorating for your New Year’s party can be a lot of fun. If you are looking to welcome 2019 with style and excitement, you’ll love these great decorating ideas. If you aren’t confident in your decorating abilities or just need some advice on making this a classy night, Omorfia Designs can help you make your party decor fabulous.

Check out these great ways to decorate for your New Year’s party and see if you’re up to the task.



Balloons are a fun and easy way to class up your party. You can use balloon arrangements in many ways to make a statement for New Year’s. New Year’s Eve isn’t New Year’s Eve without the champagne, and this bubbly balloon display will be a hit with all of your guests. Fun and fancy, the balloons will look like champagne pouring out of the balloon champagne bottle.

For an extra-special balloon display, you can check out these wonderful holiday balloons. Blow them up and cluster them against a wall for eye-catching decorations. Balloon displays can take up a lot of space and become a focal point for your New Year’s party decor.

If you’d rather go with a more simple look, instead use silver and gold balloons to make an elegant statement. Pair with a wall of white twinkle lights, and you’ll have subtle but gorgeous decorations for your party or use as accents throughout your home to add a pop of color.



If you are looking for an elegant way to create ambiance for your New Year’s party, candles are a great way to decorate. The possibilities are endless, but using white candles with gold and silver accents will look beautiful and classy.

These candle cocktails are easy to put together with only a few supplies: candles, drinking glasses, and silver bead garland. They’ll add a great touch to your dessert table, or if you’re planning a nice sit-down dinner, beautiful centerpieces.

If you want candle decor that’s even more unique and classy, these wine glass candle holders are easy to create yet will bring elegance and style to your party. Place gold and silver Christmas ornaments under an overturned wine glass, and use the wine glass base for a white candle. This look will be sure to get your guests’ attention.

Photo Booth Backdrop


Your New Year’s party won’t be complete without a fun photo booth backdrop for guests to take memorable photos. You can create a backdrop effortlessly with balloons, shiny streamers, lights, and props. Sparkle is the key to making your backdrop look festive and classy. Guests will have a ball posing in front of your backdrop to document their New Year’s Eve.

Gold and silver tulle or tinsel streamers can be hung to make a shiny and eye-catching photo backdrop. A black curtain can also be used along with white lights and New Year’s Eve signs and props to create a fantastic backdrop. The possibilities are endless, just make sure you leave a space for a photo booth at your New Year’s party.

Table Centerpieces


Do you like DIY party decor? If you have a creative side and are looking to use it for your party, these wine bottle centerpieces are a fabulous way to create handmade centerpieces. Use different variations of gold, black, and silver to make shiny and chic centerpieces using wine bottles and paint. You’ll have fun making them, and they will be a great addition to your party decor.

If you aren’t into creating your own decor, you’ll love this classy look using a runner and shiny mirrored Christmas ornaments to dress your table up. Simply arrange various sizes of the ornaments on top of a tulle runner down the length of your table to create a stunning and eye-catching centerpiece.



Even the food you serve can be a part of your New Year’s party decor. With many clever and festive ideas for incorporating your snacks into your decor, your guests will love making a trip to the snack table, and not just because they’re hungry.

This New Year’s Eve popcorn is sure to wow your guests with not only its delicious taste but with its beautiful look. Use candy pearls, gold sprinkles, and white chocolate chips; this amazing snack will look great in shiny gold, silver, or black bowls. Use silver bead garland or tinsel to decorate around the bowls for an added touch of pizazz.

You’ll outdo yourself with these elegant looking sparkling mini parfaits. These fabulous little parfaits will stand out on your dessert table and will fit right in with your decor. Your guests will be impressed with these fancy mini desserts.

Leave it to The Professionals

While this list includes some fantastic ideas for your New Year’s party, if you are looking for a professional touch and want your New Year’s party to be classy and fabulous, reach out to Omorfia Designs Inc. Let them help you plan and stage your New Year’s event and relax knowing your party will make a lasting impression on your guests, well into the next year.

Get started with a free thirty-minute consultation, and then book your ninety-minute personal design consultation to get your New Year’s party decorating underway. Omorfia Designs will create a beautiful New Year’s event with you, and you’ll be able to enjoy your party without the stress.

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