Office Organization Tips

Office Organization Tips

If you are like many people, you spend a good portion of your day in your office. Work days can be long, and the amount of time you spend in your office often matches the time you can spend out of the office. With spending so much time in your office, it can be essential to make sure it’s a comfortable and well-organized place to do business.

A neat and organized office can go a long way toward making your workday more productive. Feeling at home in your workspace as well as being able to find the items you need can help you work more efficiently and effectively. Accomplishing more during your workday can reduce stress and give you a boost of morale when it comes to keeping up with day to day tasks and productivity.

While the benefits of office organization are clear, you might need a little help figuring out what you can do to get your office in perfect working order. In addition to organization, styling your office to reflect who you are can make it a more comfortable and relaxing place to be.

If you aren’t sure where to start, Omorfia Designs Inc can consult with you to come up with the perfect plan to personalize and organize your workspace.  A free thirty-minute phone consultation can start transforming your workspace into the organized and stylish place it should be.

If you are looking to get some inspiration for creating an organized workspace right away, these office organization tips will give you some great ideas to implement.

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It’s Time to Purge

First things first: before you can get your office to the point you want, you’ll need to declutter, throw-out, remove, and purge anything you don’t need or use. Offices can accumulate a lot of unnecessary paperwork, supplies, and junk. You’ll need to make some time to thoroughly evaluate the items in your office and make the decision to part ways with anything you no longer need.

Stacks of paper all over your desk can be overwhelming. As you work through the piles, commit yourself to take action on every piece to avoid a continuous pile-up. Either file, shred or take action on it however you need.

Starting with a clean slate is a fantastic way to get the ball rolling and create a space that’s fresh, accessible, and neatly organized. Once you have had time to go through the stacks of paperwork, random personal items, and office supplies, you’ll be able to create a more efficient and functional work environment.

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Ensure You have Proper Storage

Without adequate storage, it will be challenging to organize your office. Everything needs to have a home in your office, or else you’ll struggle to keep it tidy. You may need to invest in some handy storage bins, shelves, or desk organizers.

Having the right storage systems in place allows you to create various stations throughout your office. You can establish a designated area for mail, files, to-dos, work in progress, and more. You can customize these areas to your daily tasks to ensure you have the right stations for the job.

Keep Your Desk Clear

Office organization begins with where you sit for a majority of the day: your desk. Keeping your desk clear of clutter can help you stay productive, think clearly, and find things quickly. Commit to putting items away when you are done using them and storing them in the new spaces you create.

Clean out your desk drawers as well, allowing you to better utilize and store items in them for easy access and smooth stream of work. Stock your drawers with the office supplies you frequently use, so it’s right at your fingertips. Use drawer organizers to keep the supplies separate and easy to find.

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Add a Personal Touch

When you spend all day in an office, you will want to have decor that reflects your style and makes you feel comfortable, productive, and upbeat. Adding items that inspire you and keep your office a pleasant space will increase productivity and likely elevate your mood while working.

Consider a theme or color to focus on and use accent items to highlight areas of your office. You may or may not be able to paint the walls of your office, but you can bring in an area rug, artwork, or other accessories to add color and brighten up the room.

Another fantastic way to add a personal touch to your office is to bring in some indoor plants. Succulents are a low-maintenance, stylish way to incorporate some greenery and life to your office. You can also include them in the decor by selecting planters that fit your theme or color scheme.

Make Your Space Personal and Useable

Whether considering an office makeover to achieve better office organization or to add some decor to personalize your space, a happier, organized workspace is the key to being productive during your work day and accomplishing your goals.

When operations can run smoothly because of your organization, and you can feel comfortable and motivated in your office, your workday will become more pleasant and enjoyable. The amount of time you spend in an office calls for some personalization, organization, and fabulous decor to keep you working successfully and efficiently.

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If you are ready to rethink your office space, Omorfia is ready to bring beauty to your office and can provide ideas and style that will customize and improve your office. Creating workspaces that are effective, functional, and of course, attractive and stylish is our goal.

With over ten years of experience and a commitment to excellent service, we can work with you to get your office organized and looking fabulous. We are here to listen to your ideas and needs and put them into action creating a beautiful and exceptional workspace, and give you office organization tips.

Contact us today to set up your free thirty-minute consultation. We can’t wait to work with you and create the space you’ve been dreaming of at your office.

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