“Do what you do so well they will want to see it again, and bring their friends.”
— Walt Disney

Happy Clients


"I went looking for a designer that would work WITH me rather than FOR me when starting a renovation project. And wow, I found that and more with Ashley. Super fun, super talented, and super flexible,  She's helping me create a home unique to MY families personality and budget. I have a feeling I'll be calling on her for the next room, the next and the next."

— Laurie

"Ashley has a gift for creating spaces that are simple, clean and beautiful while at the same time inviting you to "come in & stay awhile." "Cozy-up-together," kind of spaces.  I not only appreciate her expertise and ability to transform a room but I also love her amazing heart!

— Tamara Knecht

"Ashley took the time to visit our home and listen to our thoughts about our living space. She put together a beautiful simple, clean elegant but contemporary look throughout our main living area. The transformation was amazing! Now, she is helping us take it to another two levels as we transition our '90's family room and basement."

— Paula Gordon

"I have worked with Ashley both professionally and personally and this girls heart is just as big as her vision! Ashley will not only bring the experience and skill set to the table that it takes to get the job done and get it done right.  She will also take the time to listen and understand what's important to you and your family. She is such a caring person and you will enjoy the experience from start to finish with this girl!" 

— Courtney Dardis
Keller Williams Realtor